SEXYBOOST2 get Vintage Guitar Magazine Approved Gear Award!

“Top-Tier Driver”, this is the title of Oscar Jordan of Vintage Guitar Magazine in the review of our SEXYBOOST2. Our boost has been awarded by VG magazine; here are some excerpts from what Oscar said:

“The SexyBoost2 is excellent for rhythm or lead and provides unique options for tone-shaping.”

It will also add a new level of upscale sounds to a pedalboard.

You can read all the article of Vintage Guitar Magazine HERE.

SEXYBOOST2 is an analog tube boost that integrates two important functions: clean signal boost and midrange boost. Its functions, in total sound transparency, makes it possible to excel in its features both in “front-preamp” and “post-preamp” use, always being excellent in all two modes of use. It’s easy to use and the frequency filters are calibrated for the best performance sounds. One of the peculiarities of the “MID BOOST” is to increase the medium frequencies and at the same time attenuate the super high ones (Mosquito). This type of boost is very suitable for soloists as it allows you to be very presence without increase the volume level in a high way. It’s also very interesting to boost an overdrive in order to obtain a powerful and fast crunch. The valve plays an important role in ensuring incredible headroom.