TRIPLE DECKER is an overdrive, evolution of the famous Double Decker. Our goal is to offer the best sounds in a compact format and size. The great experience and knowledge of Guglielmo (The Guru) decide to create not a simple “re-edition” of that fantastic “Overdrive” but an improved and more complete evolution.

Today TRIPLE DECKER maintains the same principles of Double Decker while offering even greater performance. It is inspired to the Plexi overdriven sounds and offers: Three Channels + Boost and Mute in a compact pedal size. It’s fully analog sound and is “easy to use” thanks to the internal “midi relay switcher” which allows you to recall and store some important functions. You can store on your favourite presets: 3 Channel, 3 Boost (one for each Channel) and the Mute.

TRIPLE DECKER can be used as a Pedal by connecting it to the amp-head input, or as “Preamp” connecting it to the final power amplifiers. You can also use it without amplifier, simply connecting the “Rec/Out” output to mixer or external recording devices.

ATTENTION! The peak current of the tube in the preheating can exceed 1A (1000mA).
The HISTORY SERIES is equipped with an internal voltage doubler circuit. For this reason it’s necessary to use a stabilized power supply capable of guaranteeing a maximum working voltage of 12VDC with 500mA continuous.

3 Channels + solo in pedal or preamp mode; 3 Channels + solo in “Rec. out” mode.

Extreme Audio Quality: great linearity of the signal designed with a a new valve preamplifier combined with a professional hi-Z IC. The sound has excellent benefit.

It’s equipped with midi switcher controller and may be possible to store: Ch1, Ch1+Solo; Ch2, Ch2+Solo, Ch3, Ch3+Solo; Mute

TRIPLE DECKER has increased the gain stages on Channel 2 in order to offer distortion typical of the best tube amplifiers with surprising dynamics. The choice to use a higher number of stages was chosen not to have greater gain but to get a greater wall of sound and better headroom.



PEDAL: If you choose the “PEDAL” mode, your setting is designed to use TRIPLE DECKER at the input of an amplifier head where the “Clean” channel must be played by the amp. In this way the Ch1 becomes Bypass. The Ch1 Volume control will be at 0db when the knob indicator indicates 12 o’clock. The Ch1/Ch2 tone control is excluded with the knob indices 12 o’clock.
In Pedal mode, the Recording Out will automatically create the “Clean” channel in order to ensure complete and correct sounds to be sent to a recording unit, mixer or external device. Like all overdrive pedals designed to be connected to the input of an amplifier head, the output level is moderate.

PREAMPLIFIER: If you choose this configuration it’s because you want to connect TRIPLE DECKER as a real preamp and so you can connect it directly to power amplifiers or on the “return” of amp heads. The Ch1 will become your Clean channel and the channel volumes will be able to drive even big final amplifiers because over 2Vpp of signal can be reached on the output.
In Preamplifier mode, the Recording Out will using your “Clean” channel setting in order to guarantee your custom sounds.

ATTENTION! If we connect the TRIPLE DECKER with pedal mode and press the “Preamp” button it will be normal to have a large increase in the output signal. This will certainly involve using the three channels and not 2Ch + bypass but…pay attention to the volume level of your amp.


MIDI IN: Midi In

RETURN: Return In
SEND: Send out (Preamp-out)

RECORDING OUT: Rec.Out speaker simulator

BASS: Bass tone Control Ch3

MIDDLE: Middle tone control Ch3

TREBLE: Treble control Ch3

BOOST: Boost volume

BASS: Bass tone Control Ch1/Ch2

MIDDLE: Middle tone control Ch1/Ch2

TREBLE: Treble control Ch1/Ch2

OUTPUT: Standard 1/4” TS jack output

VOLUME3: Volume Control Ch3

PEDAL | PREAMP: Switch modality

MIDI | STORE: Switch preset store

GAIN3: Gain control Ch3

VOLUME2: Volume control Ch2

GAIN2: Gain control Ch2

VOLUME1: Volume control Ch1

INPUT: Standard 1/4” TS jack input

CH3/BST: Ch3 multifunctions switch

CH2/BST: Ch2 multifunctions switch

CH1/BST: Ch1 multifunctions switch


Power In

9 to 12VDC (Negative Tip)


From 500 to Max 700mA

S/N Ratio


Max Gain



0 to +6db

Input Impedance

<1M Ohm

Output Impedance

<100K Ohm

Send Impedance

<100K Ohm

Return Impedance

<100K Ohm

Rec Out Impedance

<47K Ohm

Serial Loop FX


Send Level


Max Return Signal


Max Rec Out Signal


Estimated Tube Life

Up to 3000 hours


0.7Kg (1.5 lbs)


220 x 130 x 50mm (8.6" x 5.1" x 1.96")


Main Power (DC 2.1mm)

Input Guitar (Jack mono 6.3mm)

Output to amp (Jack mono 6.3mm)

Send-Return-Rec Out (Jack mono 6.3mm)

Bypass Function:

To CH1 (PEDAL mode)


0db at 12 o'clock Volume

Controls CH2:

Max Gain (70db)

Volume (+10db)

Tone Stack CH1/CH2:

Treble (6500Hz +/- 10db)

Middle (820Hz +/- 8db)

Bass (110Hz +/- 8db)

Controls CH3: 1/2 12AU7B

Max Gain CH3 (100db)

Volume (+10db)

Tone Stack CH3:

Treble (6500Hz +/- 10db)

Middle (820Hz +/- 8db)

Bass (110Hz +/- 8db)

Control Boost:

Level (0/+6db)

Linearity (Full Range - post FX)

Rec Out Emulator

SM57 - 4X12" V30 SPK


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