Pompeii T1 is an echo effect created to recive the 3rd and 4th head filters of the sonority of Pompeii PE603. It’s equipped with an analogue tube preamplifier buffered at the first and second gain stage in order to preserve the maximum linearity and sound quality. 


It offers a different way of conceiving echo effects. A lot of time was spent developing the best tube pre-amp, feedback and tone circuits; as a result, the interaction between the feedback and the tone controls can create the most beautiful sounds carpet. Like Pompeii PE603 puts you immediately at ease following your touch like a shadow. The repetitions come very naturally by rolling out unique musical carpets. The tone control linked to the echo/rep section allows to control the repetitions frequencies ranging from high to low. The old age modulation control, colors the sound in tune with the chosen delay making it special in arpeggios.

Pompeii T1 is equipped with an analogue tube preamplifier buffered at the first and second gain stage in order to preserve the maximum linearity and sound quality. The tube preamplifier has a passive parallel mixing stage where, thanks to a maximum mixing effect of 50% between Dry / Wet, the contamination of the digital delay signal part is really minimal

ATTENTION! The peak current of the tube in the preheating phase can exceed 1A (1000mA). This product is equipped with an internal voltage doubler circuit. For this reason it’s necessary to use a stabilized power supply capable of guaranteeing a maximum working voltage of 12VDC with 500mA continuous.

The tone control is inherent only and exclusively to the repetition and therefore these two controls can work together (with Length of Swell) by determining the tone and the length of the repetition. If we use a bright part, with the tone control placed closer to the TREBLE, we will have the feedback part that will come closest to the high frequencies. If we make it darker (near BASS position) the same thing will happen with darker notes.

The MAGIC OF AGE control is a modulation control and want to recreate what happened on the sounds of the old Echorec Binson when the mechanical part began to degrade.

The VOLUME ECHO control is the mix of the effect, or rather how wet to dry effect sound you can adjust. Being internally connected in a parallel way in order to less contaminate the sound, even if we rotate the knob to the maximum, we will never have more than 50% of the sound effect compared to the direct sound.

LENGTH OF SWELL, commonly known as feedback, suggests how many repetitions can occur. If the knob is in position 0 we will have only one repetition. If we turn the knob to have more repetitions, we can go up to infinite repetitions.

The ECHO control is the control that limits the delay time. The delay time ranges from a minimum of 87ms to a maximum of 520ms. If we turn the knob to position 4 we will get the time of the head 4 of the Echorec Binson (about 340ms).


Jon Carin

Jon Carin

Producer | Musician | Pink Floyd | Industry | Roger Waters | David Gilmour
" Rigged up in stereo for tonight’s show in Paris, the real deal outstanding CICOGNANI valve echo units. "
Jonathan Wilson

Jonathan Wilson

Producer | Songwriter | Musician | Roger Waters
" I’m using the Pompeii every night and I absolutely love it. What you have made is truely amazing. "
Wayne Wesley Johnson

Wayne Wesley Johnson

Guitarist | Composer | Les Paul | Nokie Edwards (The Ventures)
" I really love it. It really will give me the sounds I’ve been missing and once again add to my performances and recordings. Thanks for making this great product. "



DIMENSION: 126mm x 94mm x 42mm (4.9″ x 3.7″ x 1.6″)
WEIGHT: 0.5kg (1.1 lbs)
POWER IN: 12VDC (Negative Tip)
TUBE TYPE: 12AX7 medium Gain

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