ECHOLTD2° is an echo unit that maintains the same technical characteristics as the old model; slightly increase the size so as to accommodate the two delay time controls, the magic eye, the wet-out and the buttons that select the tone filter. We have put all our attentions into evolving a better and more comfortable design.

The preamps are composed by the two triodes of the 12Ax7 valve and buffered directly with mos-fet, so as to preserve all the purity of the sound. The polarized valve in this way inserts a very musical natural compression that makes ECHOLTD2° unique. The bypass circuit in addition to performing its priority function, resets the feedback in an analog way so as to allow a new re-use with matching halos.

ECHOLTD2° was built as a limited edition numbered in 500 pieces to celebrate the 25th Anniversary.

ATTENTION! The peak current of the tube in the preheating can exceed 1A (1000mA).
The HISTORY SERIES is equipped with an internal voltage doubler circuit. For this reason it’s necessary to use a stabilized power supply capable of guaranteeing a maximum working voltage of 12VDC with 500mA continuous.

ECHO 1 time ranges from 75 to 420mS while ECHO 2 from 75 to 580mS.

TONE CONTROL works in the same way as the previous version, offering the additional possibility of selecting two different filters. These filters modify the “halo” scene allowing you to sculpt the desired sound better.

The “Magic eye”, displays the input signal. (Always On) This is pre-calibrated by the factory in order to understand the progress of the signal and when it is advisable to reduce the gain level of the input using the dedicated 0/-10db button.

Now with the gain buttons on the main panel it’s easier and more immediate to reduce or increase the levels of the input and output.

It can be connected between instrument and amplifier, in the effects loop and in the recording devices.



The experience and knowledge of Guglielmo (The Guru) was made available to create not a simple upgrade of ECHOSEX 2° LTD but a better vision of the most beautiful sounds of the past.

Our LTD project has been used by many bands as an effect on vocals, instruments, PA. Needless to say, many musicians have used it in different styles.

It’s a “creative machine” that enriches the sound thanks to its unmistakable “feedback halos”. Many different effects can be obtained with the combination of echo, age, length and tone. With its “halos” has inspired new pages of music. The creativity that emanates has made him unique and much loved.

The electronic components are of the highest quality combined with jacks, and switches produced in Italy by ST PROFESSIONAL. Being used in the preamplifier gains, each valve was tested for balancing triodes and microphonicity. The varnishes were made by artisans with a bicomponent technique and silicon-shredding effect.


TONE: Frequency control level of repeats
MAGIC OF AGE: Modulation
ECHO2: Second delay control (from 75 to 580mS)
ECHO1: First delay control (from 75 to 420mS)
FILTER: select the frequency for tone control
TRAIL: Bypass ON/OFF effect or fade-out mode
INPUT GAIN SWITCH: Reduction from 0 to -10db
OUTPUT GAIN SWITCH: Boost from 0 to +4db
VOLUME ECHO: Set the mix of Volume Echo
WET OUT: Unbalanced Lo Z 100% effect out. 1/4”(6,3mm) mono jack.
OUT: 1/4"(6,3mm) mono jack
INPUT: 1/4"(6,3mm) mono jack
BYPASS: activate the echo effect
ECHO 1/2: Echo 1/2 switch


Power In

9 to 12VDC (Negative Tip)


From 350 to Max 500mA

Input Impedance

<1M Ohm

Input Sensivity

0.6Vpp MAX

Output Impedance

<100K Ohm

Wet Out Impedance

<47K Ohm

Linearity Response

15Hz to 60Khz @1db

S/N Ratio Preamp


S/N Ratio Heads

- 90dbV PT2399

Effect Mix Level

MAX 50%

Wet Out Mix Level

100% WET

Echo Delay

75 to 580mS

Varispeed Max Time

+100% MAX (592mS)

Tone Control

Roll Off 1Khz @6db/oct

Tone Frequency

1Khz and 1,8Khz switchable

Input Level

0db - full to the max


DPDT switch

Tube Type


Int. Working Voltage


Estimated Tube Life

Up to 3000 hours


0.7Kg (1.5 lbs)


130mm (5.1")


220mm (8.6")


50mm (1.96")


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