Super Drive Overdrive

Simply Maniac takes inspiration from the most historical sounds of amplifiers ranging from
blues to hard rock.



It’s name fully reflects the maniacal sound tuning in order to offer the best performance that a hi-gain pedal is expected. It is designed to compose the most beautiful guitar solos with support of the note and “legato” worthy of a top class. Bringing the legendary plexy sounds always with you in compact dimensions is a great emotion. Evolving the project of the already performing SEXIDRIVE with the new 1959 TIMEDRIVE was a challenge that involved me together with the best musicians. Completely new design SIMPLY MANIAC was created to fill that need for a true professional hi-gain product dedicated to rhythm and guitar solo. It took a long time for a fine tuning of the sound that was done with the great Tony De Gruttola…and now we are very proud of it.


Twin parallel input buffer.
Stack tone (treble, middle, bass).
Internal power boost circuit for 24Vpp to dynamic signal.
Very low noise factor and hi-gain signal.
Passive Thru-bypass switching.


Stompbox format for being comfortability placed in a pedalboard.


A respectful look at the design of the past, enriched with modern techniques. Custom color with Traffic Light red finishing painting.


The signal path is fully analog equipped with professional IC on the signal, to create the best conditions of dynamic and powerful sound.


Riproduci video

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