Opto Limiter Compressor

Sexycomp76 takes inspiration from the most legendary studio optical compressor. It’s a compressor that brings out the sound of various styles: arpeggio, funky, blues, rock etc.



Result of the evolution of the “OPTIVALVE” project, SEXYCOMP76 offers two important additional features: an unprecedented mix (balance) compressor/limiter and more compact dimensions. Maintaining a traditional all-analogue electronics we certainly didn’t miss the best components ever. It’s a real studio machine that can be used for guitar, bass, acoustic guitar, hammond, or as a real recording studio unit. Sexycomp76 integrates the compressor and limiter functions with a particular control that chooses the percentage of mix. This allows you to control a greater threshold of clean sound as if the amplifier used, miraculously, generates greater volume performance and an incredible sound tone.


Special IC professional series for analog signal citcuit.
Mix from compressor to limiter.
Internal power boost circuit for 24Vpp to dynamic signal.
Hi quality LDR for optical circuit.
Passive Thru-bypass switching.


Stompbox format for being comfortability placed in a pedalboard.


A respectful look at the design of the past, enriched with modern techniques. Custom color with black finishing painting.


The signal path is fully analog equipped with professional IC on the signal, to create the best conditions of dynamic and powerful sound.


Riproduci video

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