Shape and Push Your Sound


SEXYBOOST is born with two objectives and two functions: "transparent" signal BOOST suitable both to enlarge the sound and in solo conditions, to increase the volume level; PARAMETRIC EQUALIZER to model or correct the frequencies of the sound that we consider appropriate. It's easy and intuitive with the two functions that can be activated separately in order to give more possibilities of use.

Super series eq. to boost internal configuration
Parametric tone stack(only to treble, middle controls)
Internal power boost circuit for 24Vpp to dynamic signal
Very low noise factor
Buffered-bypass switching

Compact size:
Stompbox format for being comfortability placed in a pedalboard.

Better than ever:
The signal path is fully analog equipped with professional IC on the signal, to create the best conditions of dynamic and powerful sound.

A respectful look at the design of the past, enriched with modern techniques.
Custom color with red to red finishing painting.

Way of being:
I have always known that a boost on some occasions is necessary transparently in others in order to make the guitar sound better out, it's necessary to enrich the mid frequencies with the medium ones that identify our personality and way of playing. That's how I thought of a pedal that combines these two particularities and only after trying it I realized what a beautiful thing it is to play with the sound I have in my mind.

Power in:9 to 12VDC (negative tip)
Consumption:Max 80mA to 12VDC
Input impedance:< 1 M Ohm
Input level:Max 1,5V
Bass frequency:100 Hz
Middle frequency:400 to 2500 Hz
Treble frequency:1000 to 5500 Hz
Tone level:+/-12db
Boost level:MAX +12db
Max s/n ratio:58db
Weight:0,3 Kg. (0,6 lib.)
Width:94 mm. (3,7 in.)
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