MATERA is an 8 outputs module with 5 + 1 low noise isolated outs, ideal for pedal effects. It has four outputs 9 or 12Vdc selectable and one 9 or 18Vdc. The maximum current out is 125mA continuous. It also offers three additional 12Vdc at full power outputs. A unique peculiarity is the narrow and compact shape with the possibility of being connected to the external power supply indifferently from the right or left connector and linkable with other modules.

MATERA must be powered by a 12Vdc 3000mA dextop power supply in order to guarantee the necessary current to the module or to multiple modules if connected together. The circuit that generates the current isolation complies with EMI standards and works on frequencies that do not generate audio noise. The current values that we declare are to be considered “for continuous use”. I believe that in a professional product today it is necessary to specify it!

We have chosen a narrow and elongated circuit shape so that it can be installed in small or large pedalboards. The circuit, strictly with traditional quality components (no SMD), has been engineered at the highest levels and guarantees (with life test) a continuous use keeping the working temperatures contained.

External power supply: We recommend a 12Vdc 2500 / 3000mA desktop power supply. This device can be replaced if several modules are used with power supplies that generate more current.

MATERA can be installed in your pedal board with the adhesive streep tape or by screw fixing.

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