Your Plexi in a Box

JMH Amplifier is the 50W HendrixPlexi version pedal amplifier. Easy to use, great sound and compact dimensions allow it to be used from the own walls to the large stage.



JMH is a class D amplifier with a final stage that offers a maximum power of 60W RMS on impedance of 4Ohm. Small, light, compact, it integrates a pre-amplifier in JFET technology. The reasons that led me to use this formula are focused on the musicality of the product and the great feeling of similar use in the response to the most famous tube amplifiers.
The PRE-AMPLIFIER in “cascode” technique proposes an amazing linearity of signal useful to guarantee great benefits of interfacing and transparency of the signal to other units.
TONE CONTROL includes three passive filters that act on the frequencies: 80Hz (low); 560Hz (middle); 5500Hz (high).
POWER STAGE employs a class D digital module with PBTL configuration. Although the connection of a speaker with an impedance of 4 to 8Ohm is possible. The best performance of power and linearity can be identified in 4Ohm.

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