Dual Channel Tube Amplifier


CPS100 is our limited edition dual channel amplifier. Where most amps would generate 50 to 60 watts from a pair of EL34s, the CPS100 takes a trick from old European jukebox amps of the ’60/70s ramping up voltages much higher than usual (about 750VDC) to wrench 100 watts from this output stage.

Tone stack: Treble, middle, bass
High signal dynamics thru 100Wrms to 4/816 Ohm
Class AB push-pull
Serial/Parallel loop FX with master volume

Limited edition:
Only 500 pieces in limited edition.

Better than ever:
The high working voltage offers great signal dynamics usable from low volumes; more dynamic and headroom; more power from just two tubes.

A respectful look at the designe of the past, enriched with modern techniques.
The most classic amp cabinet...equips a big Italian heart!

Way of being:
CPS100 is a two channel amplifier equipped by 4x12AX7 and 2xEL34 tubes. It’s easy to use and produces great guitar sounds. The first channel is selectable as clean or crunch while the second one as lead or super lead sound. The external foot switch select the channels.

Main power:100/115/230V - 50/60HZ
Max consumption:200VA
Power out:100W RMS to 4/8/16Ohm
19Vpp to 4Ohm - 28Vpp to 8Ohm - 39Vpp to 16Ohm
Input impedance:< 1M Ohm
Max gain CH1:80db
Max gain CH2:160db
Send level:Max 1Vpp at 100K Ohm
Return level:Max 1Vpp at 100K Ohm
Fx parallel:50% max
Output tubes:2xEL34/6CA7
Preamplifier tubes:4x12AX7/ECC83
Fuse HT:SLO-BLO 5x20mm 500mA
Fuse output stage:SLO-BLO 5x20mm 1A
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