It's Back

BRUTO MKII wants to combine the sounds of the past with modern ones
without making those features easy to use and powerful sound exploitable
since low volumes. The final stage has been designed so as to obtain three
great qualities:

1) Very high signal dynamics

2) Better sound elasticity at medium and low volume levels

3) High sound pressure

The "PCB" circuit is designed by hand in order to obtain the best performance
and signal cleaning. Moreover, with this procedure low parasitic capacitances
are obtained which, together with adequate insulation, increase the noise
characteristics of the amplifier even in extreme conditions.


BRUTO MKII (Italian red) is the evolution of our Brutus project updated today. It has a power of 35W RMS (70W of impact) Class A/AB.

It offers 3 channels, 6 voicings + solo, that can be recalled and memorized through midi pedalboard or analogue footswitch. Loop effects (buffered) are serial and parallel. REC-OUT output is equipped with cabinet simulator.

Tubes 5x12AX7 / ECC83 + 2xEL34 / 6CA7


"BRUTO MKII is inspired by the design of some Italian icons from the world of racing have made unique the "Italian way" combining art and technology."

Main power:100/117 or 220/240V - 50/60HZ
Max consumption:200VA
Output power:35 or 100W RMS to 4/8/16Ohm
Input impedance:< 1M Ohm
Max gain CH1:40db
Max gain to CH2:68db
Max gain CH3:160db
Boost level:+ 4db
CH1 Tone:High self 2800Hz (Hi impedance)
CH3/3 Tone stack:High self B120Hz - M780Hz - T2800Hz (Lo impedance)
Presence:High self 5000Hz
Fat:+4db at 110Hz
Send level:Max 1Vpp at 100K Ohm
Return level:Max 1Vpp at 100K Ohm
Parallel Fx Loop:50% max
Phantom power to Midi In:12,6Vdc 1A
Output tubes:2xEL34/6CA7
Preamp tubes:5x12AX7/ECC83
Weight:11Kg.24,25Lb (Italian red 35W) - 14Kg.30,86Lb (Silver brivido 100W)
Midi setting:Omnimode or Ch1, Ch16
Main power fuse:110/117Vac 3,13A - 220/240Vac 2A (Slo-Blo)
Ht internal fuse:0,5A (Slo-Blo)
Bt internal fuse:6,3A (Slo-Blo)