BRUTO MKII is the evolution of our Brutus project updated today. It has a power of 35W RMS (70W of impact) Class A/AB. It offers 3 channels, 6 voicings + solo, that can be recalled and memorized through midi pedalboard or analogue footswitch. Loop effects (buffered) are serial and parallel. REC-OUT output is equipped with cabinet simulator. Tubes 5x12AX7/ECC83 + 2xEL34/6CA7.
It wants to combine the sounds of the past with modern ones without making those features easy to use and powerful sound exploitable since low volumes. The final stage has been designed so as to obtain three great qualities: Very high signal dynamics; Better sound elasticity at medium and low volume levels; High sound pressure.

It offers a different way of conceiving echo effects. A lot of time was spent developing the best tube pre-amp, feedback and tone circuits; as a result, the interaction between the feedback and the tone controls can create the most beautiful sounds carpet.

BRUTO MKII is for:

To study: Practice constantly with a tube amp (great dynamics, grit, pure tone, etc) bringing incredible benefits to your touch. The power delivered by the final stage, thanks to a circuit of latest evolution, provides great signal dynamics from contained volumes.

The live: High sound pressure to guarantee an adequate volume level in the most demanding stage guitar conditions. The three channels, the solo and the mute to tune the instrument, can be memorized on presets and recalled using midi standard pedals.

To record: Recording the sound of a “high volume” wide amp is a privilege to today of a lucky few. Thanks to a high performance ratio BRUTO MKII is gritty, easy to play, and capable of emanating great emotions.

Portability: Although not in its primary purposes, BRUTO MKII has a limited size and weight, with an all-aluminum structure so as to offer you the opportunity to comfortably carry the tubes sounds amplifier.


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