BRUTO MKI is a pedal preamplifier which integrates many analog devices connected together. In compact dimensions BRUTO MKI included: two or three channels with independent tone stack, solo (can be activated on all functions), four buffers (input, output, send, return, spa sim out), one speaker cab simulator and a ergonomic switching system.

Today are born “new needs” with guitar like situations of the “silent stages” (increasingly frequent), settings in very small spaces (theater, club, etc,) and high quality Home-Recording. I thought to create a product that guaranteed “Great Guitar Sounds” and that it took in consideration these new aspects.

It’s a multi-channel analog tube pedal that can be used with or without amp. One of the main features is the possibility of being used directly on a mixer or external recording devices ensuring great sounds and surprising the signal dynamics. The sensation of “sound on touch” is one of the typical characteristics of the BRUTO MKI, created specifically to satisfy even the most guitarists demanding and obtained with analog techique…only.


One of the features that Brutus allowed to do was the possibility to customize own sound through autobias replacement of the output tube. On the same philosophy BRUTO MKI offers a solution for personalizing your sound with the adjustement of a trimmer for each channel indicated by the “Screwdriver” symbol. This setting has the function of increase or decrease the mid frequencies and automatically change the state of “bell frequency” (frequency cut). This allow with only two controls (Treble and Bass) to manage better and complete the frequencies of our guitar.

ATTENTION! The peak current of the tube in the preheating can exceed 1A (1000mA).
The HISTORY SERIES is equipped with an internal voltage doubler circuit. For this reason it’s necessary to use a stabilized power supply capable of guaranteeing a maximum working voltage of 12VDC with 500mA continuous.

2 Channel + Solo (Crunch, Lead)
2 Stack Tone CH1/CH2
Solo can be used on Bypass
Loop FX (buffered)

Channel + Solo (Clean, Crunch, Lead)
2 Stack Tone CH1/CH2
Loop FX (buffered)
Balanced/Unbalanced Speaker Simulator Out



Has passed some time since 2003 when Donato Begotti and me gave life to Brutus amp, the italian mini rock head. We remember those times because for first, we supported the idea of a small tube amplifier with low power that allowed you to bring your own sounds from “stage” to the practise room, up to their home walls. Passed the initial amazement motivated by a market based mainly on high power amps…started the great request. In a short time a new way of thinking about the guitar amp followed and subsequently proposed by the majority of the best popular producers. And I’m very proud of it.


BASS: Bass tone control Ch2
TREBLE: Treble tone control Ch2
BASS: Bass tone control Ch1
TREBLE: Treble tone control Ch1
VOLUME 2: Volume control Ch2
GAIN 2: Gain control Ch2
VOLUME 1: Volume control Ch1
GAIN 1: Gain control Ch1
REMOTE: Remote all 4 function buttons by a looper switcher
RTN: Return In
SEND: Send out (Preamp-out)
SPK SIM/OUT: Rec.Out speaker simulator equipped
CUT MIDDLE ADJ: Middle tone control Ch1
CUT MIDDLE ADJ: Middle tone control Ch2
OUT: Standard 1/4" TS jack output
INPUT: Standard 1/4" TS jack input
CLEAN/BPS: On/On switch
CRUNCH/CH1: On/On switch
LEAD/CH2: On/On switch
SOLO: On/On switch


Power In

9 to 12VDC (Negative Tip)


From 300 to Max 500mA

S/N Ratio


Max Gain



0 to +6db

Input Impedance

<1M Ohm

Output Impedance

<100K Ohm

Send Impedance

<47K Ohm

Return Impedance

<47K Ohm

Spk Sim Out Impedance

<47K Ohm

Serial Loop FX


Max Return Signal


Max Spk Sim Out Signal


Estimated Tube Life

Up to 3000 hours


0.7Kg (1.5 lbs)


220 x 130 x 50mm (8.6" x 5.1" x 1.96")


Main Power (DC 2.1mm)

Input Guitar (Jack mono 6.3mm)

Output to amp (Jack mono 6.3mm)

Send-Return (Jack mono 6.3mm)

Bypass Function:

1) Full Range - 2) Equalized (Rec Out)

Controls CH1:

Max Gain (70db)

Volume (+10db)

Tone Stack CH1:

Treble (5500Hz +/- 10db)

Middle - CUT ADJ (820Hz +/- 8db)

Bass (110Hz +/- 8db)

Controls CH2: 1/2 12AU7B

Max Gain CH2 (100db)

Volume (+10db)

Tone Stack CH2:

Treble (5500Hz +/- 10db)

Middle - CUT ADJ (820Hz +/- 8db)

Bass (110Hz +/- 8db)

Control Boost:

Level (0/+4db)

Linearity (Full Range)

Spk Sim Emulator

SM57 - 4X12" V30 SPK


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